500W PC Power Supply

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Package include:
1 x Power Supply

1 x Power Supply Cable

Voltage: 110V and 220V(Please set the voltage value consistent with your home voltage before use)
Numbers of Graphics Card interface: 2 x (6PIN+2PIN)
Numbers of SATA interface: 2
Numbers of D-Type 4pin (Molex) interface: 2

Numers of CPU interface : 1 (4PIN+4PIN)

1: Rated 500W, suitable for high-end computer configuration.
2: Conforms to the Intel ATX12V specification design, supports Intel, AMD complete series platform.
3: High efficiency energy-saving silent fan.
4: Adopt 12cm hydraulic bearing fan, mute and durable, large air flow.
5: Intelligent temperature control circuit design, automatically adjust the fan speed, and extend the service life.
6: Multi function protection circuit design, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, undervoltage, short-circuit,light protection functions
7.Real 500W power supply. For the safety of your hardware. Please buy quality products.



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